Zuzabed - Logos Multicolor

He started with the green backgroung logotype, then Luis Kapinha (Terra Design Agency) the very good designer I have the honor to call him as a FRIEND, created the image concept of this B&B.
Logotype, website and everything around that was made by an amazing creative team who phase by phase brought to daylight an incredible work started by Luis.
Luis, Rita, Hugo, João MANY THANKS to you all for the beautiful work.
You all, at TERRA DESIGN, are too good to be true!!!




Mister Agá said...
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kapa said...

ai ke logopito mai lindo!
tantas cores!

sem a tua alegria contagiante não teria sido possível fazer este trabalho, seria apenas mais um logo, mais um site! mas contigo com ingrediente já dá para ver no que deu!

obrigado zuza!

abraços do teu amigo K

Roberto said...

How does one make reservations at Zuzuabed?


Hello Roberto, good morning!
For reservations you should send an email to zuzabed@zuzabed.com and since now I invite you to visit www.zuzabed.com.

karthiga saravanan said...

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Leah jilis said...
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